August 12-14, 2008; sites at #1 and #2 seeds

The playoff format for 2008 is a best of two out of three competition. The team with the best overall record gets two home games. The lower seeded team has the opportunity to determine which of the first two games will be its home game.

The first half will consist of each team's first 24 games and the second half will cover each team's final 24 games. Because the league has an odd-team schedule in 2008, some teams will be playing games in one half while opponents may be playing games in the second half.

The Springfield Sliders had the best first-half record and the Danville Dans had the best second half record! The Sliders had the best overall record so will be home team for 2 of the three games, the first game and the third game, if necessary. Games in Springfield at Robin Roberts Stadium begin at 7:05 PM, while the game in Danville at Danville Stadium begins at 6:30 PM.

All tournament games will be nine innings.

For players to participate in the tournament, the following eligibility rules will be followed:

1) Players and pitchers must have played in one of the team's first 42 games,

2) Players and pitchers must be on the roster for the team's final three regular season games.


Tuesday, August 12: Springfield 2, Danville 1

Wednesday, August 13: Danville 2, Springfield 0

Thursday, August 14, Championship Game: Springfield 5, Danville 2