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What was the Central Illinois Collegiate League?

The Central Illinois Collegiate League (CICL) was one of several summer collegiate baseball leagues affiliated with the National Association of Summer Collegiate Baseball (NASCB), of which the CICL was a charter member.

The CICL was formed in 1963 as a charter member of National Collegiate Athletic Association certified summer baseball. The league maintained certification for the entire 41 years of oversight by the NCAA, which ended its program on February 1, 2005. However, the CICL and all members of the NACSB still followed all general rules and regulations put forth by the NCAA for its entire 46 year life to ensure the amateur status of its student athletes.

Team rosters of the CICL and all other NACSB leagues were comprised solely of players who have completed one year of college and who still have college eligibility remaining. As such, many believe that the NACSB summer leagues represented the highest level of pre-professional amateur baseball in America.

Over the years, the CICL received some financial support from Major League Baseball (MLB). However, the CICL operated mostly on sponsorships, ticket sales, donations and concession sales from fans, supporters and sponsors. Expenses for uniforms, bats, baseballs, umpires, rental vans, meals on the road, field preparation and park personnel total in the several thousands for each team.

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