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Wood vs. Aluminum
The CICL has used wood bats from 1990 2008, after having used aluminum for the previous 15 years. We are frequently asked if there was any real measurable differences in the game with wood compared with aluminum. Without a doubt, we documented substantial difference between "real baseball" played with wood bats and the game we commonly referred to as "alumiball." The following statistics compare the final 3 years of CICL "alumiball" played in 1987-89 with the final 19 years of "real baseball," and sum up the differences obviously and clearly. The percentages indicate the relative increase in offense, decrease in defense and increase in game times using aluminum versus wood.

Lovers of pure baseball, which game did Abner have in mind?
Runs/Game 12.3 9.1 36%
Hits/Game 18.0 16.2 11%
HR/game 1.5 0.6 136.00%
TB/Game 26.5 21.8 22%
Bat Avg .288 .255 13%
ERA 5.71 3.80 50%
K's/Game 9.6 12.5 22%
Field PCT .944 .956 -1.2%
Game Length 3.5 hrs 2.5 hrs  40%

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