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CICL Alumni who have played Major League Baseball,
175 and COUNTING!
MLB Stats
Professional Organization CICL Team Years
Ainsworth, Kurt Giants Danville 1997
Anderson, Jason Yankees, Mets Danville 1998-99
Beard, Mike Braves Springfield 1969
Beene, Fred Orioles, Yankees, Indians Peoria 1963
Bourjos, Chris Giants Quincy 1975
Bowers, Shane Twins Danville 1992
Bradley, Phil Orioles, White Sox, Marlins, Phillies Galesburg 1979
Brantley, Jeff Giants, Phillies, Reds, Cardinals, Rangers Quincy 1983
Brenly, Bob Giants, Blue Jays Bloomington 1974-75
Brennan, Tom Indians, White Sox, Dodgers Springfield 1973
Brown, Darrell Tigers, Athletics, Twins Galesburg 1975
Brusstar, Warren Phillies, Cubs, White Sox Peoria 1973
Bryant, Derek Athletics Macomb 1971
Capra, Buzz Mets, Braves Bloomington 1967-68
Carroll, Jamey Expos, Nationals, Rockies, Indians Decatur 1993
Chapman, Travis Phillies Danville 1997
Charlton, Norm Reds, Mariners, Phillies, Braves, Orioles, Devil Rays Peoria 1982
Clark, Dave Pirates, Cubs, Indians, Royals, Dodgers, Astros Peoria 1982
Clark, Jerald Twins, Padres, Rockies Peoria 1982
Corbett, Sherman Angels Peoria 1982
Costo, Tim Reds Twin City 1988
Cotts, Neal White Sox, Cubs Quincy 1999-2000
Cox, Jim Expos Bloomington 1969-71
Dalesandro, Mark Blue Jays, Angels, White Sox Decatur 1986-87
Doyle, Denny Phillies, Angels, Red Sox Galesburg 1963-64
Dunne, Mike White Sox, Pirates, Mariners, Padres Peoria 1982
Durham, Don Cardinals, Rangers Peoria 1969
Dwyer, Jim Twins, Cardinals, Expos, Giants, Red Sox, Orioles Springfield 1970
Earl, Scotty Tigers Danville 1981
Eave, Gary Mariners, Braves Peoria 1984
Ellis, Rob Brewers Bloomington 1969-70
Ericks, John Pirates Twin City 1986
Erickson, Roger Twins, Yankees Springfield 1976
Evans, Bart Royals Champaign County 1990
Eversgerd, Brian Cardinals, Expos, Rangers Decatur, Fairview Heights 1988-89
Ewing, Sam White Sox, Blue Jays Peoria 1970
Fasano, Sal Athletics, Royals, Rockies, Angels Twin City 1992
Fassero, Jeff Red Sox, Expos, Mariners, Rangers, Cubs, Cardinals Springfield 1983
Ferguson, Joe Dodgers, Angels, Cardinals, Astros Galesburg 1967
Freeman, Marvin White Sox, Phillies, Braves, Rockies Peoria 1982
Gaetti, Gary Red Sox, Cardinals, Twins, Angels, Royals, Cubs Charleston-Mattoon 1978
Gallagher, Al Giants, Angels Peoria 1964
Girardi, Joe Cubs, Cardinals, Yankees, Rockies Peoria 1983
Goodwin, Danny Angels, Twins, Athletics Galesburg 1972
Grapenthin, Dick Expos Danville 1979
Greer, Rusty Rangers Springfield 1988-90
Hague, Joe Cardinals, Reds Galesburg 1965
Hall, Joe White Sox, Tigers Decatur 1986
Harmon, Terry Phillies Bloomington 1965
Hartenstein, Chuck Cubs, Pirates, Red Sox, Cardinals, Blue Jays Champaign-Urbana 1963
Herges, Matt Dodgers, Padres, Expos, Giants Twin City, Champaign County 1991-92
Hinton, Rich White Sox, Yankees, Rangers, Reds, Mariners Springfield 1967
Hoffman, Guy White Sox, Cubs, Reds, Rangers Peoria 1975-77
Holtzman, Ken Cubs, Athletics, Orioles, Yankees Champaign-Urbana 1964
Howard, Ryan Phillies Decatur 1999
Howe, Art Pirates, Astros, Cardinals Lincoln 1967-68
Huff, Mike Blue Jays, Dodgers, White Sox, Indians Twin City 1983
Jackson, Roy Lee Mets Springfield 1974
Jones, Jeff Athletics Peoria 1977
Keener, Jeff Cardinals Danville 1969-70
Keller, Ron Twins Champaign-Urbana 1964
Kessinger, Don Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox Peoria 1963
Knoedler, Justin Giants Springfield 1998-99
Knott,Jon Padres Danville 1999
Knox, John Tigers Peoria 1967-69
Kremmel, Jim Rangers, Cubs Galesburg 1968
Kucek, Jack White Sox, Phillies, Blue Jays Springfield 1972-73
Kuiper, Duane Indians, Giants Springfield, Peoria 1970-71
Leibrandt, Charlie Braves, Reds, Royals, Rangers Springfield, Danville 1976-77
Leon, Eddie Indians, White Sox, Yankees Springfield 1965-66
Lindemann, Jim Phillies, Cardinals, Tigers, Expos, Mets Quincy 1982
Little, Mark Cardinals, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Mets Decatur 1992
Long, Bill Cubs, Wgite Sox, Expos Peoria 1979
Lundstedt, Tom Cubs, Twins Peoria 1968
Lyons, Bill Cardinals Bloomington 1977-79
Macha, Mike Braves, Blue Jays Charleston-Mattoon 1973
Matuszek, Len Phillies, Dodgers, Blue Jays Peoria 1974-75
McDowell, Roger Orioles, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, Rangers Peoria 1981
McGaffigan, Andy Giants, Yankees, Reds, Expos, Royals Danville 1977
Meyer, Dan Braves Quincy 2000
Michalak, Chris Diamondbacks, Rangers, Blue Jays Danville 1992
McGinn, Dan Reds, Expos, Cubs Peoria 1965
McKinney, Rich White Sox, Yankees, Athletics Bloomington 1967
Moore, Kelvin Athletics Peoria 1977
Morandini, M. Blue Jays, Cubs, Phillies Twin City 1986
Moreland, Keith Cubs, Tigers, Phillies, Orioles, Padres Peoria 1973
Morlan, John Pirates Bloomington, Springfield 1967-68
Morris, Warren Pirates, Tigers Danville 1994
Murphy, Tom Angels, Royals, Cardinals, Brewers, Red Sox, Blue Jays Bloomington 1965-66
Nagelson, Russ Indians, Tigers Bloomington 1965
Niekro, Joe Cubs, Braves, Tigers, Padres, Expos, Yankees, Twins Springfield 1964-65
Norman, Les Royals Fairview Heights 1988-90
Olson, Greg Braves, Twins Peoria 1981
Ontiveros,Steve Red Sox, Athletics, Phillies, Mariners Peoria 1981
Overy, Mike Angels Bloomington 1971-72
Owen, Larry Braves, Royals Peoria 1975-76
Pagel, Karl Cubs, Indians Charleston-Mattoon 1974-75
Pape, Ken Rangers Peoria 1971-72
Pattin, Marty Angels, Pilots, Brewers, Red Sox, Royals Champaign-Urbana 1963-64
Pearson, Jason Padres, Cardinals Twin City 1996
Perconte, Jack Dodgers, Indians, Mariners, White Sox Charleston-Mattoon 1974-75
Pitlock, Lee Giants, White Sox Lincoln 1967-68
Plodinec, Tim Cardinals Galesburg 1966-68
Pruitt, Ron Rangers, Indians, White Sox, Giants Bloomington 1969-70
Puckett, Kirby Twins Quincy 1981
Quisenberry, Dan Royals, Cardinals, Giants Quincy 1974
Rader, Doug Astros, Padres, Blue Jays Bloomington 1963-64
Rakers, Aaron Orioles Bluff City 1998
Randall, Bob Twins Peoria, Springfield 1967-68
Rau, Doug Dodgers, Angels Springfield 1968
Rawley, Shane Twins, Mariners, Phillies, Yankees Peoria 1974
Reuechel, Paul Cubs, Indians Galesburg 1966-67
Reuschel, Rick Cubs, Giants, Yankees, Pirates Galesburg, Macomb 1968-69
Renick, Rick Twins Springfield 1964
Richard, Lee White Sox, Cardinals Peoria 1969
Roberts, Leon Tigers, Astros, Mariners, Royals, Blue Jays Peoria 1971
Robertson, Rich Giants Peoria 1964
Robinson, Craig Giants, Phillies, Braves Charleston-Mattoon 1975-76
Robinson, Dewey White Sox Charleston-Mattoon 1976
Rohn, Dan Cubs, Indians Peoria 1976
Rooney, Pat Expos Charleston-Mattoon 1977
Rowland, Mike Giants Bloomington 1973-74
Rueter, Kirk Giants, Expos Fairview Heights 1990
Scheinblum, Richie Indians, Senators, Royals, Angels, Reds, Cardinals Bloomington 1963
Schmidt, Mike Phillies Peoria, Springfield 1969-70
Sefcik, Kevin Phillies, Rockies Danville 1990
Seitzer, Kevin Indians, Royals, Brewers, A's Galesburg 1981
Shirley, Bob Padres, Cardinals, Reds, Yankees, Royals Macomb 1973
Shouse, Brian Pirates, Red Sox, Royals, Rangers Decatur 1988
Show, Eric Athletics, Padres Quincy 1976
Slusarski, Joe Astros, Athletics, Brewers, Braves Springfield 1986-88
Stoddard, Tim White Sox, Orioles, Cubs, Padres, Yankees, Indians Bloomington 1973-74
Sundberg, Jim Rangers, Cubs, Brewers, Royals Galesburg, Peoria 1970-72
Sutton, Larry Cardinals, Royals, Athletics Decatur, Champaign County 1989-91
Tapani, Kevin Cubs, Twins, Mets, Dodgers, White Sox Peoria 1984
Tankersley, Dennis Padres Bluff City 1998
Unser, Del Senators, Indians, Phillies, Mets, Expos Lincoln 1963
Wagner, Paul Pirates, Brewers, Indians Decatur, Twin City 1986,88
Walewander, Jim Angles, Tigers, Yankees Peoria 1982
Washburn, Greg Angels Peoria 1966
Webster, Lenny Expos, Twins, Orioles, Phillies, Red Sox Peoria 1983-84
Wehrmeister, Dave Padres, Yankees, Phillies, White Sox Bloomington 1972
Werth, Dennis Yankees, Royals Springfield 1972-73
Wertz, Bill Indians Lincoln 1988
Whitehurst, Wally Padres, Mets, Yankees Peoria 1983
Willis, Mike Blue Jays Springfield 1970
Wills, Frank Blue Jays, Royals, Mariners, Indians Peoria 1979
Young, Curt Royals, Athletics, Yankees Galesburg 1980
Young, Ernie Athletics, Royals, Diamondbacks, Tigers Springfield 1988-89
Young, John Tigers Springfield 1968
Young, Kip Tigers Springfield 1974-75
Short, Rick Nationals Fairview Heights, Champaign County 1992, 94
Papelbon, Jon Red Sox Danville 2001
Furmaniak, J.J. Pirates Quincy 1998-99
Bullington, Bryan Pirates Quincy 2000
Erickson, Matt Brewers Danville 1995
O'Malley, Ryan Cubs Springfield 2001
Rabe, Josh Twins Quincy 1998-99
Youman, Shane Pirates Danville 2000
Stults, Eric Dodgers Danville 2001
Rheinecker, John Rangers Bluff City 1998-99
Gilles, Tom Blue Jays Quincy 1982
Dorsett, Brian Indians, Angels, Yankees, Padres, Red, Cubs Quincy 1982
Barret, Tim Expos Quincy 1982
Thatcher, Joe Padres Quincy 2002
Wood, Ted Giants, Expos Springfield 1986
Traxler, Brian Dodgers Quincy 1986
Tolbert, Matt Twins Danville 2001
Wade, Cory Dodgers Bluff City 2002-03
Morrison, Jim Phillies, White Sox, Pirates, Tigers, Braves Peoria 1973
Rosales, Adam Reds Quincy 2003-04
Ruiz, Randy Twins Danville 1999
Daley, Matt Rockies Danville 2003
Coghlan, Chris Marlins Danville 2004

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